Stormy weather

Donald Trump has been under assault since his inauguration in January 2017. Throwing everything they could lay hands on the Dem leadership and the dominate media outlets keep hoping something, anything will stick. But, in every instance there is an obvious lack of evidence to support the accusations, because accusations are all they have. First it was Russia, Russia, Russia. Pulitzer Prize winning poet Archibald MacLeish writing in 1949 said: “American political controversy was controversy sung to the Russian tune: left-wing movements attached right-wing movements not on American issues but on Russian issues, ….”  After nearly two years of Robert Mueller’s intense investigation – ZIP.

President Trump’s tax returns were demanded (but not Obama’s college transcripts), he was accused of being mentally unstable, giving tax breaks to his rich friends, accused of promoting a nuke war with North Korea. Baseless, all of it is baseless, but the beat goes on. The goal is to discredit his presidency and eventual ouster.

Now surfaces Stormy Daniels with her claims of an affair with Mr. Trump more than a decade old. Unlike the sexual assault allegations brought against Bill Clinton, if the claim is true, it was consensual. BIG difference. And, unlike “Charming Billy” if it happened, what possible bearing could it have on his presidency. Once again – ZIP. All who voted for Mr. Trump were looking for results and we are getting them faster than we imagined. Tax cuts, jobs, winning in the war on terror, respect abroad, the wall, you name it the President is keeping his promises.

Stormy Daniels, false accusations, never ending special investigations, no one gives a damn, except the beltway Democrats and CNN, MSNBC and the like. Stormy weather? Mr. Trump has a political umbrella – Results!

Randy Edwards