According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, on the front page of my local liberal daily newspaper (The Courier Journal) there is a picture of two young ladies holding a huge white sign with a large word (Enough) “I know it is a gun problem, I wish our Law makers would protect us.” Give me a break!

For the two young ladies holding the sign the gun problem turned out to be the four armed deputies that refused to go into the school. Also, did you notice recently at a high school in Maryland ,a student shot and wounded two students before the dumb- dumb was shot by a school security guard (now that is how you end a story). These two babes think they are going through a terrible time because of all the mass shootings but on the other hand, all these young people go to the movies and while eating popcorn enjoy all kinds of violence on the silver screen. Hollywood calls that entertainment but it is out there every day and don’t forget TV doing the same thing. To all the young adults out there, I’m sure you have the History channel on your public television, you may not be interested but every student should watch more than once “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”

Hitler took a great country, Germany, and turned it into ruble in just eight years with thousands of people suffering and dying on a daily basis. What we have here in America, is the liberal press and news media going after the NRA and President Trump with plenty of help from the Democratic Party hoping they will get back in control of Congress after the mid-term elections (Just look at what Obama did to America in eight years without firing a single shot). Now dearly beloved, this should be thought provoking.

Pvt South