Mitch McConnell is why Congress is broken

Why are there so many openings in President Trump’s cabinet departments after a year?
Why are so many ambassadors not yet in place after a year?  Why are so many federal judges not confirmed after a year?  Why are more than 300 House of Representatives bills sitting stalled in the US Senate?  Why do we keep running up against government running out of money every few months without a budget?  Why does Minority Leader Chuck Schumer get his tunnel funding between New York and New Jersey while our border wall does not get built?  Why don’t the Senate oversight committees not go straight to subpoena to get documents and evidence instead of accepting the perpetual delays by various federal agencies?

The fault is with Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader.  McConnell is a stubborn, old-dog Republican who prefers scotch and back room deals and his title and status instead of governing.  He has the ability to streamline the process of Senate rules to speed up nominations. He has the ability to change Senate rules to expedite committee and floor votes.  He has the ability to change the Senate rules to get a budget bill passed without the Democrat’s stall and delay tactics.  He could end the perpetual filibusters.

The fact is that Mitch McConnell is the worst enemy of President Donald Trump’s agenda and all of us who voted for him as President.  McConnell is bought and paid for by groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable and also some billionaires who make billions off of  bigger government, globalism and open borders and they hate Donald Trump.
They prefer business as usual and whoever makes them more rich and powerful, even to the point of selling the United States out.

Mitch McConnell is allowing the Democrats to run the Congress.  He could easily change that fact, but he will not.  He is using Chuck Schumer as cover from his own ill-deeds against Trump.  Mitch McConnell is the worst kind of Washington DC rat.  He smiles to your face and then stabs you in the back.  He represents the Elitists and Establishment Washington DC.

McConnell is negating anything the House of Representatives passes and defeats their Constitutional role by keeping archaic Senate rules in place.  As I said, the House has sent more than 300 bills to the Senate where they have died because of Mitch McConnell.

Mitch McConnell will destroy the President and the country due to his short-sightedness.  He will destroy Conservatism too.  He is perfectly fine with amnesty, open borders, bigger government, more spending and a Leftward march to our destruction.

Nothing will change unless we get off our posteriors and hound politicians like Mitch McConnell relentlessly and make them very uncomfortable.  I know it is an uphill battle, especially since we in Arizona do not have good US Senators.  They too are elitists and establishment types. Flake is a pathetic joke and McCain…is McCain. We have to vote for better US Senators in order to put pressure on Mitch McConnell.  Flake and McCain will not. They’re part of the problem.

I hope you know that voting for Kyrsten Sinema as a Senator will hurt us further.  She has tried tirelessly to rid herself of her past baggage of her Communist, Socialist ideology, by hiding behind police and fire and our military as “political props”.  She is a radical Leftist and will vote right along with Chuck Schumer.

If you love this country and care about having a future that is still America, you have to get involved and run off the  people who sell us out.  Make them feel discomfort for selling us out.

Carey Catanza
Surprise, AZ