Diamonds were not one of the original four suits

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– Data compiled in Oct. of 2017: Approximately 42% of Americans look at their cell phone messages within the first ten minutes of becoming awake. Several of my family members would definitely be in that 42% group. Not me, I promise.

– Diamond is by far the hardest substance known to humankind. The carbon allotrope is more than twice as hard as the mineral (corundum) rated as #2 on the Mohs scale.

– Most historians agree that playing cards were first invented a little over 1,000 years ago in China. I might add that Diamonds were not one of the original four suits.

– The sensitivity of human olfactory nerves (odor detecting thingies) typically differs significantly with the time of day. Research indicates that period sequences of heightened sensitivity are remarkably consistent for individuals as they go about their daily routines. For example if a particular person is more alert to morning flower fragrances on Tuesday, the same will likely be true Saturday morning or Monday morning, etc.

– In 1978, an assemblage of utility workers was making excavations when the workforce dug into an archeological trove in downtown Mexico City. More than 12,000 noteworthy artifacts of the Aztec Era have been removed from that serendipitous discovery site.

– Tradition (and some actual evidence) has suggested that: Ramses II, King David, Esau, William Wallace, Christopher Columbus, Henry II, Joan of Arc, Galileo, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Barbarossa, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Jessica Rabbit and other famous figures in world history were blessed with having red hair.

– For reasons comprehended by those cleverer than I, most of the Harry Potter books have now been translated into ancient Greek. I shall be surprised should those tomes sell in large quantities.

– Baretta is recognized as the world’s oldest firearm company. Founded in Italy, the headquarters of Baretta has on file an original bill of sale dated 1526. The document is a record of an arms purchase made by the Venetian Arsenal (not to be confused with the Venusian Arsenal).

– Have you ever felt that “they” were out to get you? Charles De Gaulle (1890-1970) seemed to have good reasons for harboring that particular feeling. There were 31 verified attempts aimed at assassinating the renowned French political leader/general. Historians claim additional attempts to end his life were planned, but never placed into action. De Gaulle died of an aneurysm 13 days before his 80th birthday. Once, shortly after he was soundly criticized for recent decisions, the old general quipped “It is very difficult to govern a nation that produces 246 varieties of cheese.” Well, I hope that you find a bedazzling carbon allotrope – and that you enjoy a “fabuleux” week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at