The original cargo was worth $378 million

God Bless America

Who steals my purse…

Women can be particularly protective when it comes to their handbags; Queen Elizabeth, for example, is rarely, if ever, seen without her purse, notes the Association of Mature American Citizens. But, AMAC reports, when a woman going through a security scanner before boarding a train recently in China, her protective instincts apparently got the better of her. When the security guard told her to put her handbag through the X-Ray machine she placed it on the conveyor belt and then crawled into the machine. Security cameras caught the incident on tape, showing the skeletal image of the woman slinking behind the bag.

Costly accidents

A treasure trove of precious metals fell out of the cargo hold of a Russian plane as it took off at an airport near the Siberian town of Yakutsk recently. Millions of dollars worth of gold, platinum and diamonds were spread over a 16-mile path before the plane could return to the airport, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. Officials said that the original cargo was worth $378 million and that the plane’s cargo ramp was damaged on takeoff. Meanwhile, sanitation workers in Hall County, GA discovered some $100,000 worth of jewelry that had apparently been accidently thrown out with the trash by an unidentified woman who wasted no time in calling the authorities when she discovered her loss.

This cat had ten lives

An18-year-old house cat received a kidney transplant recently that put its owners back some $19,000, says the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. The couple used money they were saving for a new car to pay for the operation. Cat lovers will be pleased to hear that Stanley, the cat, is recuperating at home and that the donor cat has been adopted by the family to keep him company for the rest of his years.