According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–The USA TODAY “students should know the basics before they walk out”. Really?–The only reason they walked out–the liberal teachers encouraged them, so they got a free pass to cut school. Public schools are all Civil Service and most or all are controlled by union controlled Democrats that have caused problems in the past.

Florida students keep the pressure on by protesting gun control and the NRA because it is well organized and funded by the Democratic Party. PVT South recently suggested (very strongly) going after any shooter or killer rather than the knee jerk reaction of creating more gun laws that accomplish nothing. OK–To all students protesting gun violence nationwide–How about going to South Chicago and protesting gun violence that occurs on a daily basis? (more than 17 killed all the time) You can even show up at City Hall and turn your backs on the Mayor. Now see what kind of press and TV you get.

Thirteen to Nineteen should be the greatest times of your life because in just seven years a young person grows up to become a young adult ready to face the world. All those young fertile minds running around looking for a cause have become fair game for the Democratic Party who wants to brainwash them about Climate Change, Gun Control and other liberal causes.

THE TRUMP MERRY GO ROUND has people coming and going. (good bye Rex and hello Pompeo) The CIA could even have its first female Director (very well qualified), but my mind numbing Senator from Kentucky (Rand Paul) is opposed because she approves (water boarding). Dearly Beloved–To keep the people safe you do whatever it takes, that’s how we won WW2. Did you ever her of anyone dying from being water boarded? Once again, can you imagine where America would be today if Queen Hillary had won?

Breaking News–A woman is charged with attempted murder by allegedly giving her husband anti-freeze to kill him. What kind of woman would do such a thing–Surely this didn’t happen in the South, this babe has given new meaning to the beautiful term (Till death do us part)–

PVT South