March 14 – 20, 2018

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Mars, known to the ancients as the god of war, enters the sign of Capricorn on March 17.  It will join Saturn and Pluto and potentially could create tension and general havoc around the planet.  The picture becomes more challenging after the Vernal Equinox on March 20.  Then the trio will be challenging the fresh spring energy that carries us into a “new year” as defined by the Pagans who identified the passage of time by the growing seasons.  The youthful sign of Aries, ruled by Mars, represents the young man who sets out to challenge the elders of Capricorn.  This suggests he is playing the role of a Trojan horse.  It will be interesting to watch it play out.

Aries:  In the time between now and mid-May your attention will be drawn to career and life direction.  Activity in the outer world picks up speed.  Authorities and others may be challenging, so have your ducks in a row if you take initiatives.  Use this time to improve your “product” or your presentation.

Taurus:  You may be surprised by a visit from the past.  It could be a person or information that becomes apparent.  Although you might be pleased to see this person, it is not the best idea to take up where you left the relationship.  Just smile, go to dinner, and be pleasant together, but bypass the invitation to make it bigger.

Gemini:  This is an especially social week for the Twins.  There are likely to be errands, multiple messages, and visitors, coming and going.  Your children may be part of the festivities.  Your travels will take you back to someplace you have previously been.

Cancer:  You have likely been dealing with a decision concerning joint property or family issues.  You have spent a few weeks in this process.  Although you want to come to a final solution, that may elude you right now.  Be patient and know that the right answer will come soon.  Set it aside to percolate before you act.

Leo:  The news for you this week is a mixed bag.  You have aspects favoring the law, travel, publishing, education and the internet.  Meanwhile you may have concerns about debt, taxes, and an inexplicable loss.  Just remember that Mercury is close to retrograde.  What is lost will be found and errors will be corrected eventually.

Virgo:  There is a “guardian angel” working on your behalf.  You may never know who this person is, but just be aware that you are favored.  You are likely to have mild good fortune coming into your life through investments, partner’s resources, inheritance, or payments from taxes, insurance, or debts owed to you.

Libra: A talkative individual may land upon you to act as a mirror for his/her need to communicate.  Stay in touch with yourself and don’t allow your time to be usurped without your interior permission.  Sometimes Libra can fall into the role of “captive audience” which wastes your time and energy.

Scorpio: Remain conservative in financial decisions.  Do not take on debt lest you regret it.  Mars, your ruling planet, shifts your attention on the 13th to fresh territory.  During the next seven weeks, your activities and feelings will be intensified in the life sector related to vehicles, short distance travels, politics, communications, education, your neighborhood, and siblings.  Use caution while driving because your accelerator foot may be a bit itchy.

Sagittarius:  The new business/career direction of the past several months is straining to be expanded.  Normally the Archers are always in favor of advancing, but just right now that instinct is holding you back.  You are right to wait for more definitive signs before you take a big risk.  It may be several months before you can be certain.

Capricorn:  What you do in your business and financial life now will have greater than usual impact in the future.  The problem is that you do not yet feel clear about where you should expand and where you need to contract.  Conservative choices are best for a while.  Don’t force the decision.

Aquarius:  Remain conservative in your decisions.  This is not the time for an expansive new move.  It is better to save your resources for better opportunities in the future.  Don’t consider this a statement of gloom.  Settle yourself and your desires until you are really prepared to expand.

Pisces the Fish:  (Feb. 18 — Mar 19)  There is a New Moon in your sign on the 17th of March.  This suggests the beginning of a new start for you that could require considerable time before it flowers.  Take special care of your emotional and physical health this week.  It is possible that an old emotional scab will be scratched open for a short time.

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