According to Pvt South

The liberal press is full speed ahead on displaying photos of students (mostly young women) supporting gun control. The goofy Democrats will never give in because they are totally invested in getting guns off the street but (criminals can keep theirs) naive America keeps demanding all sorts of gun control measures but nothing about going after any shooter that is caught and convicted. Last week Pvt South laid out a simple solution for dealing with any future shooters that wants to kill people at random. They would certainly think twice before acting because of the personal consequence that would happen to them. (We’re talking justice) If We the People think my plan is too harsh, then how really serious are they about any kind of gun control in the future.

OK the Florida Senate has agreed to advance a Bill that would increase school safety that is currently 100 pages long. (Feel better now?)

Jill Lawrence a guest columnist to the Courier Journal in Louisville, Kentucky (my daily paper) shall we say, she leans to the Left so pay attention and get a grip. . ”Someday President Trump will be gone along with all his chaos and sleaze “. Dearly Beloved I thought Slick Willy invented that when he was in the Oval Office. See what happens when all the news you watch is on CNN TV. Poor Miss Lawrence, no one ever told her America is doing much better and one day will be great again after eight years of decline under Obama. Americans are now going back to work with a Trump tax cut while our borders are safer and our military is getting stronger. (That is how you get respect)

Miss Lawrence and other Democrats actually think they will win back control of Congress after the mid-term elections. Unfortunately, Miss Lawrence and other likewise Democrats are the reason why God created ears for the human race (Dearly Beloved it keeps your head from falling through to your fanny.)

Pvt South