DOJ Inspector General has no authority to prosecute FISA abuse

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he is asking the Department of Justice Inspector General to investigate the possible FISA Court abuses and unmasking of Americans, he is kicking the can down the road and delaying justice.

He knows full well that the IG can only issue a report after a year or more of investigation. The IG has NO prosecutorial authority to do anything about criminality they discover. THEN, once a report is issued, any criminal activities uncovered are then handed over to the DOJ for more investigation.  The DOJ then takes whatever time it chooses to vet the IG report and come up with charges and Grand Juries.

Jeff Sessions has no urgency to resolve the misdeeds of the DOJ and FBI.  By giving the FISA investigation to the IG, who is also already bogged down on the botched Clinton Campaign and email scandals, he effectively is putting the country through at least two more years of investigations before anything will happen in the FISA case.

I suspect that Sessions is being steered and handled by Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General.  Sessions is out of his league and Rosenstein is playing him. Sessions is effectively a figurehead only.  He is not running the Department of Justice.

As long as Session is a neutered puppy by his recusal and lack of managerial abilities, we have no Attorney General and our DOJ is being run by Rod Rosenstein.  Rosenstein and Robert Mueller are friends and have been cohorts for decades together.  Rosenstein and Mueller are gunning for President Trump and Jeff Sessions is clueless.

President Trump had better ask for Sessions’ resignation and nominate a real manager, a Pit Bull personality that will go after the corruption at the DOJ and FBI, not an insider that will continue the coverups.  We need to clean up the DOJ and FBI and FISA abuses.  Jeff Sessions has no idea how to do it and he is a tired old political only there for the title.

Steve C.