According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–Nikolas Cruz is now a famous person because he did something stupid and horrible. (but he loved doing it) Next week PVT South will list a few things future type Nikolas Cruz’s that want to become famous by killing people, may think twice before he or she lock and load. The anti-gun folks are out in full force complaining as usual, but you never hear any solutions on how to stop the violence.

What I have in mind will definitely cut down on all gun violence plus any other kind of evil act against humanity. (how about that) What will be interesting is how many folks will say “oh, we can’t do that, that would be terrible”. We definitely need to stop the violence, but there has to be an easier way. During WW2, We The People had to do whatever it took to win, and we did, and we won. Our problem today, we must now be politically correct, and try not to hurt anyone’s feelings. That is the liberal Democratic way and look where it has gotten us after Carter, Slick Willy, Queen Hillary and the last nail in our coffin, Obama.

OK–How about arming teachers? Democrats think that is a bad idea. How about a certified teacher that is allowed to carry in school and will get a financial bonus? Would Schumer and Pelosi still complain? I noticed the students on TV protesting gun violence and carrying goofy signs. ( carrying signs do not make you safe) Can you imagine if We The People had to go to war with today’s young people? (we would lose)

Dearly Beloved, next week we must think it through on how to deal with every terrorist killer from now on. (and there will be more) Blaming the NRA or too many white guys is not the problem, just think where We The People would be today if Queen Hillary had won?

PVT South