Ten Cent Beer Night

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– Sumer was an ancient (7th century B.C.) civilization that existed in a region that is now Iraq. I mention Sumer because of a 90 ton rock discovered in 1930’s New Mexico (near Los Lunas). On said rock is inscribed the Biblical Ten Commandments. The writing is mostly in the Sumerian language, but some ancient Greek lettering was also used. Archeologists date the writing as being etched during the 100-1500 A.D. period. The discovery was initially deemed to be a hoax. Later the stone was seriously reconsidered. One conundrum involved: there seems to be no possibility that anyone in North America during the 100- 1500 era could have known ancient Sumerian script. Have you any explanations? Historians are baffled and would appreciate some feasible elucidations.

On one of Elvis Presley’s preserved report cards, it is clearly shown that one kid who later gained significant fame was awarded “C” in a junior high music class.

Some of us miss the old National Enquirer publications.  I recall one headline compelling me to purchase an early edition:  I DRILLED A HOLE IN MY HEAD FOR KICKS.

Whales sometimes get lice.

A recent market study indicated that women in the USA purchased an average of 6 pairs of new shoes during 2016. Men typically bought 3 pair.

New Mexico (home of Los Lunas) has two official state vegetables: chili pepper and frijole.

A common house mouse reaches sexual maturity in 35 days. Population booms can occur quickly.

It was back in 1974 when owners of the Cleveland Indians baseball team decided that a great promotion for stimulating interest in home games would be to offer a Ten Cent Beer Night. Apparently some attending the game that special evening developed more courage than sound judgement. In excess of 60,000 beers were sold before an umpire made a call that was very unpopular. Thousands of fans stormed the playing field screaming, fighting and using unbolted chair backs as weapons. The visiting team (Texas Rangers) was awarded victory. Thus far, there have been no subsequent Ten Cent Beer Nights at Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

The word “earthling” has been around for a long time. It was in print at least by 1593, perhaps even before.

Some wifely suggestions are downright beneficial: A recent report has revealed that one hour of moving furniture typically burns 504 calories.

Here is a list of all American states that consist of only one syllable: Maine. Well, use caution when petting whales – and have a great week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at jkwhite46@gmail.com.