Of the many things Mark Twain wrote, this passage particularly holds true regarding our country’s inability to solve the illegal migration of immigrants into our country:

“…In fact, gratitude is a debt which usually goes on accumulating, like blackmail; the more you pay, the more is exacted. …Gratitude is a sentiment; it has a price and the benefactor is not the one to determine the rate”.

All American citizens have a responsibility to follow the rules as written in our Constitution and the individual State Constitutions where they reside. If you make the decision to follow your own path and it falls outside those rules…you accept the responsibilities and consequences for such action. Arguing that you don’t agree with the law, you feel the law is unfair or you were unaware of the rule is an option but not a legitimate defense.

However, you do have an option; change the law.

We have entrusted this process to our elected officials. Apparently, this is the problem. You know our elected officials…they are as sensitive as schoolgirls, more vengeful and absolutely incapable of clearly speaking or writing a simple declarative sentence that anyone with a functioning brain could actually understand.

Some elected officials have decided to ignore immigration laws within the municipalities and States where they live and work and have chosen not to have these laws enforced.

Picking and choosing which laws to observe and which not to observe is a very slippery slope. Those elected officials who are consciously offering non-citizens benefits by not enforcing existing laws are themselves breaking the law and should be held accountable for breaking their oaths of office and the law itself. I could list numerous laws I would like them to not enforce on my behalf …!

Sadly, this will not happen because in spite of themselves Americans are by their very nature welcoming, generous and empathic to those who are less fortunate. So, by extending a helping hand to these illegal immigrants We are generously giving safe haven with benefits to these individual law breakers as a jester of our good will and at no cost.

What gratitude, if any, we have received in return are demands; such as access to our entitlement programs, lowering of wages for many different categories of job descriptions, demonstrations demanding legal status, demands for driving privileges , legal defense representation, free education, constitutional protections and on and on.

That’s gratitude for you.

G Compton
Scottsdale, AZ