According to Pvt South

After one year in with President Trump making America great again the Stock Market is setting new records and more jobs are being created, you would think the goofy Democrats would have settled down by now O.K. think again. After Queen Hillary lost the race she was supposed to have won all the Democrats want to do is impeach Trump. (Just ask Maxine Waters)  The Democrats will not help to make America great again because they are still angry over losing to Trump. (Are have you noticed)?

All the Democrats want to talk about is DACA and the Dreamers that has overwhelmed America (Thanks to Obama) with their intentions to vote Democrat in the future. How about a sound National ID System that would help every American in the future. Why not ask your Congressmen (See what kind of answer you would get).

The National debt is over $20 Trillion thanks to Obama with no end in sight so how about cutting every current Cabinet budget (there are fifteen). Ten percent with the exception of Defense, now that question never comes up so once again ask your Congressmen.

Now that dearly beloved this is how you keep your powder dry.

Pvt South