Feb. 14 – 20, 2018

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Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  On Feb. 15 we will have a New Moon eclipse in the sign of Aquarius.  This is the sign of humanity which recognizes our need to take care of each other, along with the animal species of the world.  There are also four septiled aspects among the planets which I find encouraging.  These aspects suggest otherworldly and angelic help.  There will be tuned in people coming to the fore who offer cooperation and non-hostile solutions to our challenges.  It may bring a week of relative peace on earth.  If there are those who continue threats and hostility, it suggests that they are not “listening”.  Many will experience sudden insights and apparent intuitive information.  We have a moment in time in which the planets are taking a short breather.  This is a week to find ways to help others instead of the endless focus on our fears and worries.

The Chinese Year of the Dog begins on the 16th.  The dog is normally a peaceful creature and prefers rest and play.  Think of a year like him!

Aries:  This is a powerful time to consider your spiritual purposes.  It is all too easy for the maya, the things of the world, to overwhelm every waking minute, leaving no time for the higher goals.  If you notice fatigue, disappointment, or depression at this time, stop.

Any of these represent a message to be still and listen for the Voice deep within your soul.

Taurus:  There may be a minor skirmish with a partner, friend, or roommate over the sharing of resources.  This is not the ultimate deal breaker and the moments of discomfort pass quickly.  Mention the issue to prevent future resentment, but don’t turn it into a disaster.  You may want to reorganize how you share.

Gemini:  It’s important that you be aware your thinking is not as objective as you believe.  Listen when others tell you their attitudes and opinions.  You do not have to adopt them, but don’t reject what they say out of hand.  Try to think carefully before assuming you are the only one who knows the right answers.

Cancer:  Please see the lead paragraph about the New Moon eclipse.  This time it is occurring in the territory of money and resources that you share with others.  A new perspective may come to you on things such as investments, joint purchases, or plans for your estate.  It is possible you need to reorganize one or more of these.

Leo:  This is a good time to focus on your primary relationships.  Communicate openly and make plans that will create sunshine for both (or all) of you.  Create an environment in which everyone has his/her time to speak and contribute so that no one feels alienated from connection.

Virgo:  New autonomy and praise is occurring around your partner which may alter your environment for a while. Your focus is on the “others” in your life at this time.  Virgo often is the power behind the throne, the worker bee who gets things accomplished and keeps life orderly.  Your time in the Sun will come.

Libra: You may feel pressured into making one or more decisions.  The territories have to do with your physical health as well as your job.  There is a strong connection between how we feel with work (daily routines) and our health.  If we are in a high stress producing life routine we are also prone to pick up more colds and viruses that are floating all around us.

Scorpio:  Give close attention to where you put your money, purse, and other valuables.  It is possible that you will be distracted while handling these things and leave them in vulnerable places.  A lover or a child may disappoint you this week.  Whatever the disappointment is was unintentional.

Sagittarius:  Your attitude about yourself is not altogether accurate right now.  You may think way too much of your ideas, or alternately, you may see yourself as lower than scum.  Neither is accurate and you should probably not make decisions of any importance this week.  Spiritual pursuits are given a “go” signal.

Capricorn:  The New Moon eclipse is in your 2nd house of money.  This suggests that you may be considering a change in how you save, spend, and store things of value.  Other planetary aspects favor education, short trips, exchanges with siblings.

Aquarius the Waterbearer:  (Jan 19 — Feb 18) Please read the opening paragraph.  This New Moon eclipse is in your sign.  It emphasizes your need to define your identity and likely will slowly lead toward changes in your behavior and appearance.  The effects of an eclipse can begin early and may manifest months later.  Don’t pressure yourself into decisions before you are clear.

Pisces:  This is a week in which your physical cycle is “off”.  Don’t press your body beyond what it wants to do, just because it could do the same thing last week.  Pay special attention to your temporary boundaries right now and by next week things will return to your personal normal.

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