Obama fundamentally changed America, using corruption and hate

We now have a clear picture of how Barack Obama strategically accomplished his promise to “fundamentally change America”.

-Stack every federal agency with Leftist ideologues

-Stack every Federal Court with judges who will support Leftist ideology

-Stack every educational oversight body with Leftists to push his Leftism

-Use the IRS to disable Conservative efforts to organize politically

-Use the EPA to encroach on private property rights and impede development

-Use the EPA to support Leftist energy companies

-Use the EPA to destroy energy industries they oppose

-Use the FBI and DOJ and FISA Courts to get around our 4th Amendment Constitutional rights

-Use the DOJ, FBI, and Intel agencies to spy on political opponents by using false evidence in Court and then illegally unmasking and leaking their names.

-Use his appointed Leftist federal judges to help or impede Executive authority in areas of national security and immigration.  If Democrats are in power, the judges green light executive orders.  If Republicans take office, then the Leftist judges stop them.

-Use the Leftist media to execute a perpetual negative propaganda campaign against Republicans 24/7.  Cooperation and coordination of messaging.

-Use Saul Alinsky tactics to destroy the character of any effective Conservatives.

Barack Obama further institutionalized Leftism into our government.  He weaponized federal agencies and the courts.  He inflamed racism.  He divided us and pitted us against each other. He redistributed our wealth.  He ruined our relationships with our medical providers.  He abused our Constitution.  He was the only US President to hate the country that elected him.

Now as we unravel the damage he caused, the media and Democrats are circling the wagons to protect him and Leftism.  They see the ground they gained being lost and they are desperate.  The closer we get to uncovering the truth, the more they will engage in pure rage and hatred and open hostility as cover.

I suspect as the walls close in on the Clintons, FBI and DOJ abuses, Obama knows they have so much dirt on him that he and his other accomplices could go down too.  The media know this too.  We can expect to witness rage and hate from the Left unlike anything we have ever seen in our lifetimes in the coming months.  They are being exposed to the light and air of TRUTH and they do not like it one bit.

Steve C.