Feb 7 – 13, 2018

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  The ongoing tension between Uranus (for the people) and Pluto (for the Plutocrats) is punctuated this week by transiting Mars, who is creating a challenge among the three.  Mars is the god that rules struggle and arguments.  He has no fear and leads with his chin.  His presence in this group is likely to bring drama triangles to both individuals and the world at large.  In a drama triangle there is a victim, a perpetrator, and a rescuer.  Sometimes they alternate roles.  For example, the rescuer in one scenario may be turned on by both the victim and the perpetrator, and his/her role evolves to that of the victim.  Previous agreements may be broken and/or negotiations may break down.  Steer clear of these dysfunctional games.  They only create bruhas which accomplish nothing and exhaust everyone.

Aries:  Your warrior self is front and center during this period.  The best use of this energy is on behalf of the Greater Good or another person who needs a champion.  Use that energy with thoughtful intentionality.  Your reflexes may be off kilter.  Ground your adrenalin with heavy exercise.

Taurus: You are tuned in and can find a solution that solves a problem greater than your own.  You can help the old traditional and the contemporary to find an answer that makes life better for both sides.  That will also help you to feel more a part of the larger group.

Gemini: Family issues that surface may be laced with old, unresolved drama.  Do the best you can to steer around it without falling into the hole of former habits.  After the weekend your troubles lighten and your generally happy attitude returns.

Cancer:  The week between eclipses is often tense and challenging for the Moon Children.  There is probably a drama happening that has several steps to go until you are finished.  Take breaks and rest as much as possible.  There will be a positive long-term outcome.

Leo:  Old issues between you and your partner may surface this week.  Let them go if you have not developed a new solution.  Definitely don’t play the old, familiar routine that accomplishes very little.  Whatever the trouble, make it a point to end this week on a positive note.  Invite your partner to do something different for both of you.

Virgo:  Diets and good health habits may fall to the wayside early in the week, but after the weekend you will be able to reinstate the better routine.  Don’t give up. Activities concerning education, publishing, the law, and travel have positive aspects.  You are talkative and in an exploring frame of mind.  Curb your tendency to be opinionated.

Libra: Let yourself become creative with detours, roadblocks, or whatever prevents you from going forward.  You likely will invent a brilliant solution to resolve an impediment.  Imagine that all impediments are vaporized and the answer may come to you.  Your attention turns to personal healing, diet or exercise.  For some there will be an improvement in the everyday environment at work.

Scorpio:  You have a desire to celebrate.  The temptation to overspend is strong.  Consider what would be fun and interesting that doesn’t require a big expenditure.  Activities concerning education, publishing, the law, and travel have positive aspects.  You are talkative and in an exploring frame of mind.

Sagittarius:  Whatever is occurring in your life at this time is clearly intense and emotion-laden.  You may feel as though your very life depends upon making your point of view heard and acknowledged.  It is important to play your personal political cards carefully.  Don’t attempt a takeover unless you are prepared for a serious pushback.

Capricorn:  Listen to the important people in your life who comment upon what you are doing.  You have significant power now and could readily run over others like a steam roller.  Allow the “other” equal space or there will be pay back time later when the power is on the other side.

Aquarius the Waterbearer:  (Jan 19 — Feb 18)  Your daily life is truly active now.  There is lots of talking, attending meetings, and participation wherever you go.  There is a shadow of doubt following you around and whispering that you don’t know enough or you are not good enough.  Ignore that lie.

Pisces:  Venus enters your sign this week and will be traveling “with you” through March 10.  Her presence gives you an air of poise and people will simply like how you look.  Often when Venus is prominent we become more interested in anything which adds beauty to our lives.

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