Jeff Flake violated his oath of office

Every US Senator swears a solemn Oath when taking office.  That Oath commits them to defending and upholding the United States Constitution.  Part of the Constitution is the 4th Amendment, which essentially prohibits government from illegal searches and seizures of our persons and property without a LEGAL court order.

We have learned that some members of the FBI and DOJ willfully used illegally obtained and false information to obtain a Federal warrant to spy on Americans, using the FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE ACT (FISA) law.  

Jeff Flake said that we, as Americans who had our Constitutional rights violated, have no right to see and read the evidence of illegal surveillance by the FBI and DOJ.  

This is certain proof that Jeff Flake has no honor, and places politics ahead of the Constitution.  His Oath of Office was meaningless.  If he had any honor he would resign immediately, but he has no honor.  He instead will continue to undermine the President and will do as much political damage as he can until January 3, 2019.  It is sad how we elected such a disgusting, dishonorable person. 

Carey Catanza
Surprise, AZ