According to PVT South

Dearly Beloved, with so much going on the big news for today is still about immigration and the WALL. OK time to stick my neck out and state probably 80% (my opinion) of the major problems facing America these past fifty years can be contributed to the Democratic Party and the Liberal press. Here is one good example for, forgetting the past. January 10th USA Today (judges: NC must reduce GOP’s gerrymandering map). The three Judges ruled boundaries violate the US Constitution because they were designed to benefit the Republicans at the expense of non-republican voters (of course they did) in the past when the Democrats were in control the districts were drawn up to favor the Democrats. (Ask anyone in politics) I’m guessing the three Judges are Democrats.

Voting districts should be by county only and no more goofy gerrymandering. Every county in every state would be designated Republican or Democrat by majority rule only. Kentucky has 120 counties, the third largest in the Nation, OK how many in Arizona?

The big Wall is still important because it was a campaign promise but a sound National ID system would also help with population the main topic.  The US population in 1950 was estimated at 150 million, in 2000 how about 300 million. A National ID System would also eliminate our National 10 year censes that is expensive and proven to be not very accurate. It would also curtail the assortment of fake driver’s license, social security cards, diplomas and whatever else the underworld can create for a price.

In 1933 my first birthday the New York Times was just two cents and three cents in 1938 but look at the News today, it is all slanted to the liberal side of life in America so what happened?  Here is four simple reasons that has set America back, former President Carter, Slick Willie, his first lady, Queen Hillary and Obama the final blow to good government. Excessive liberal government has been the bane to the entire country.

Why is Oprah in the News? (She won’t run) The democrats really don’t have anyone. So who would want to waste a lot of time spending campaign money and loosing big in the end?  Queen Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, AL Gore and Pee Wee Herman.

PVT South