According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, here it is January two, 2018 and after one year Trump is still in the White House. (WOW) The Stock Market bounced around all day and closed up over 100 hundred points to start the New Year. (Sorry Hillary). The Boo Birds keep ignoring all of the economic good news that is making America great again so how many out there would still vote for the Queen today? (Good question)

Last week you missed my list of thirteen issues I made years ago because the dog ate my homework. OK how about I am vacationing in Florida for the winter and then got married in church on December 21ST, (the shortest day of the year) plus sold my old Kentucky home and awhile tooling around Florida I left my PVT South on my clip board so I had to pass. (Give me a break) Now my temporary home in Bradenton, Florida is just above Sarasota FL, where all the circus folks hung out until the politically correct crowd got rid of the elephants. (P T Barnum did have a good run) Now we the people have a new circus in town located in Washington, DC and the democrats keep shouting (the show must go on) OK will the new democratic RINGMASTER please step forward (Please)

 Instead of thirteen issues like I had promised we will start with four. No. 1 Raising the legal driving age to eighteen in all fifty states.  That should reduce the cost of auto insurance and less highway deaths. No. 2 Require one type or grade of gasoline in all fifty states. No regular or premium just plus. This could be done and it would make the production cheaper. No. 3 Building a high speed monorail system along our Interstate highways. Less highway traffic and a good test would be from Chicago to Mobile on Interstate 65. No. 4 Building on most large military bases a refinery to supply gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. The raw material depending on location. A test military base could be Fort Knox, Ky.

Dearly beloved, California is now legally and officially going to (POT) Does this mean the folks in Hollywood are now as smart as the voters in Denver? —Have been married for two whole weeks (WOW).

PVT South