Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

On January 9th, we invite Arizonans to participate in National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. There is a need to show officers that citizens recognize their difficult public service.

Each day 780,000 officers across our country go to work knowing they may face extremely danger. On average each year 105 to 203 officers die in the line of duty, 50,000 assaulted, 14,000 injured and over 300 commit suicide. From 2016-2017, Arizona lost five officers. No other profession in the world will you will find these kinds of statistics.

Show support:

*Wear blue clothing

*Send a card of support

*Share a story about a positive law enforcement experience on social media

*Change your profile picture to the jpg image at

*Project Blue Lights (display blue lights at residence or business)

*Organize an event

*Post a public service announcement

*Most importantly, if you see an officer, thank an officer.

Marie Dryer-Kircher, President – Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.), Arizona Chapter Surviving Former Spouse of Arizona Department of Public Safety Sgt. Mark Dryer, End of Watch 7/3/1993
Retired Arizona Department of Public Safety Sergeant