President Donald J Trump is unique. As a multi billionaire he has it all. A wonderful respectful loving family, beautiful wife and personal financial holdings around the world. Fame, it seems, follows him everywhere he goes. It is not even enough to say he has it all. So why would he be willing to risk it all and desire to become president of the United States of America?

Although it may very well irritate some people to hear it he unselfishly wanted to do something for the United States of America after the opportunities it has afforded him. He saw what was happening to this once free great nation and he wanted to direct it back to its once known greatness. He knew it could cost him millions of his own dollars and he would be ridiculed almost daily by people out to rape America out of personal greed but he proceeded anyway. Knowing full well there was the possibility certain elements in the American society would never accept him. Namely the elite republicans and socialist democrats.

Donald J Trump, the citizen candidate knew he could get America back on track if he could get the opportunity so that is what he set out to do. Certainly, everyone would agree, that is very honorable.

The fundamental transformation Barack Obama promised was no joke. Although he never explained it then or even now. He didn’t explain it because he had more flexibility by not explaining it. Anyone with common sense can see “now,” after the fact, the goal was to change America into a socialist nation. Everything he did or attempted to do showed his socialist leanings. One of the weekly news magazines had a cover story shortly after he took office, declaring the US a socialist nation now. It seems they knew Obama’s intentions even though most of the nation did not at that time.

Everything was going along fine for the democrats and it looked like they would get their fundamental transformation completed with Hillary Clinton being elected to follow Obama into the office of president of the United States of America. All of the polls even had her winning in an “unprecedented landslide.” There was just no doubt she had it locked down.

But then along came Donald J Trump. A hugely successful business man willing to spend millions of his own money to do something up until then had never been done before.

Every democrat laughed at him. Even many republicans refused to take him seriously and also laughed at him to think such a person would even think of winning the presidency. After all he had never even run for public office before. It had to be a joke or perhaps he was just making a billionaire “practical” joke. But then, as his primary opponents began to drop out, reality began to set in and it was discovered he was someone to contend with who loved this country. As a matter of fact he loved it enough and also disliked the way it was going, under the direction of the progressive socialist democrats, he was willing to make personal sacrifices above and beyond what had ever been done before. And he ran for the highest office of the land. Amazingly he actually won! Beating out the queen of pay to play politics Hillary Rodham Clinton. He, this nobody billionaire, had the audacity to run against a Clinton and win! The progressive socialistic democrats were appalled and remain in a state of shock even to this day over a year after the election. The big progressive socialist (some say communist) machine out to destroy America and replace it with a socialist nation, somewhat like Venezuela, was suddenly taken down?

Could this be a modern day David and Goliath? Perhaps we shall have all of our Trump questions answered in about, well lets say, seven years.

Donald (Don) Bitler
Fifty plus year Arizona resident, 
Published Author, Disabled Veteran and
Retired Pilot