American Ninja Warrior Arizona try out

Phoenix residents who dreamed of competing on American Ninja Warrior will now have the chance to prove they have what it takes. In February, fans of the NBC show can try out in Glendale.

The American Ninja Warrior Experience will be at University of Phoenix stadium Feb.10 and 11. The event is inspired by the show, which features an endurance fitness competition where adults run, jump, leap and dodge through extreme obstacle courses.

Tickets for the event are $89 for adults, $49 for children, and $120 for amateur tryouts. The event will include an adult course modeled after the show, a youth course and amateur tryouts.

The amateur tryouts are for participants to qualify for the main event on Feb. 10, where 22 athletes will compete for $50,000 in cash and prizes.

Organizers of the even recommend that people who compete can perform the following physical tests:

– 16 or more pull ups (8 for women).
– Dead hang for three minutes.
– Run a quarter-mile in 90 seconds or less.
– Lache (a parkour term) 6-feet or higher.

Organizers recommend bringing an extra change of clothes because part of the course involves water.

Not a fan of competition? People who just want to enjoy the course will not be subjected to the show’s strict rules. Adults won’t be disqualified if they fall, just asked to move forward to the next obstacle, according to the event’s website.

Inflatable mattresses will cushion falls, according to the event planners.

For children ages 6-13, the minimum height is 48 inches and the maximum are 58 inches.