The Year 2018 Part I: Overview



Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

The year begins in an interesting way on January 1.  There will be a Full Moon at 9:24 pm EST which is at the Moon’s perigee and it is known as a “Supermoon” because of its closeness to the earth.   Jan. also has two full moons, the second being on Jan. 31, 2017.  That one is eclipsed in the sign of Leo.

The two eclipse seasons are in Jan.-Feb, and July-Aug.  Eclipsed Moons reflect times of intensity on our planet.  They may occur near serious weather patterns.  Secrets are revealed for good or ill.  See the weekly articles for more information.

Saturn in Capricorn

On Dec. 19, 2017, Saturn rolled into Capricorn for a three year sojourn.  Saturn, the Great Teacher within us, is now in the sign of corporations and business.  Whenever Saturn changes signs, there are multiple changes in the world and the laws we must abide to get along in society.  Saturn in Capricorn can be hard-nosed indeed.  It rewards those who benefit the world and punishes those who have not demonstrated the lessons of social and corporate give-and-take.

Saturn and Pluto together in Capricorn

Pluto is the original god of the underworld and represents transformation of both individuals and corporate bodies.  It also is symbolic of pure Power.  Saturn began to make challenging aspects to Pluto in Feb. 2016.  These challenges are steadily increasing toward a crescendo in the first quarter of 2020.

This pair, as all planets, has both positive and negative sides.  On the bright side we have work which is both hard and transforming.  On the dark side, we see those who have claimed demigod status and are mean, even vicious, to all others. The dark side is criminal in an ongoing way.  On the personal level, it requires that we work hard to hold onto personal power in the face of circumstances that are not at all conducive to our use of it.  Be creative.  When this is over, the winners will be those who have adapted and honed their solutions to a fine science.  There likely will be much more crumbling in the economic systems worldwide throughout this period.   Making this statement is not likely to “win friends and influence people,” but I hope my readers will take this warning and pay off credit.  Those with a little bit of power are likely to exploit it well beyond what it is worth.  You don’t want others to have financial control over you.

Failing infrastructures that have just “held together” in the past few years will be letting go of their tenuous hold.  For the next two years there likely will be “surprise” accidents in water, sewer, roads, bridges, and anything else considered infrastructure.

The more personal message is that one or more structures that you have built into your life are crumbling.  This is the third of four years to correct the problem.  Maybe that structure or plan needs to go.  Perhaps it has been impeding you from moving forward.  It is possible that this process began in 2016.  If it continues to have value in your life, much effort and probably considerable money will be required to repair and restore damage.  Consider allowing the crumbling structure to transform into an updated version of itself.

Pluto crosses the Ecliptic

The last time this occurred was in 1930-31, just as the Great Depression was moving into full swing.  The wisdom is obvious.  Though we cannot know for certainty that this will happen again, it is better to be prepared for hard economic times.

Uranus Semisquare Neptune

This aspect was prominent between July and December of 2016.  In January of 2017 I wrote that Uranus is known for throwing lightning strikes and Neptune, as Poseidon, is the ancient god of bodies of water.  I predicted the hurricane season of 2017 was likely to be brutal. Uranus acts suddenly and without much warning, so unusual storms are probable during the second, third and fourth quarters in 2018.  This combination may bring “sudden” news concerning our water resources all over the globe.  Uranus throws fire (lightning) and Neptune rules the water.  Oil spills or other catastrophes may suddenly ignite water.

Mars Retrogrades

In June Mars begins a retrograde path that will continue through the end of August.  It starts in Aquarius, travels through the latter degrees of Capricorn, and returns to its starting place in early October.  Historically, those who draw a sword or attempt to expand power during these periods eventually find it turned against themselves.   In our personal lives we are well advised to avoid extending our boundaries or initiating “war” on any front. The defendant, not the aggressor, will win in any conflict as long as the god of war moves backward and it doesn’t matter how big or right the initiator may be. When Mars is retrograde we are well advised against filing suit, hunting for game or opting for elective surgery (a different type of sword).

Venus Retrograding

This ancient goddess of love, romance, things of beauty and relationships will begin retrograde motion on Oct. 5 until Nov. 16.  The preview begins on Sept. 9 as relationships in general will tend to slow forward progress to the October 5 point, when Venus moves deeply into retrograde territory until Nov. 16, 2018.  Then she slowly makes the turn to direct motion and the entire saga will be over by mid-December.

During her ebb periods (as above) we reflect on our personal needs with respect to partnerships.  Meanwhile it is common for ongoing relationships to shift into neutral or even a temporary reversal.  The universal message is to think carefully about who you are before making a promise of commitment.  For those already pledged, it is a time to go within oneself and discover the qualities needed to improve upon the existing relationship. If the effort is deemed too much, there will be those who break the ties. From the global point of view, these periods often mark times when treaties or agreements between nations are violated or negotiations break down between countries.

Next week we’ll print the horoscopes for individual signs.  Check back for Part II.

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