Expect delays on North Lake Road

PHOENIX — Paving work on the North Lake Road, leading to several popular recreation sites north of Phoenix, will begin on Wednesday, Dec. 27.  This project is expected to last until Jan. 24, 2018.  The North Lake Road, north of Rattlesnake Cove, will be temporarily closed from Jan. 15 through Jan. 18, 2018.  During this closure, the public will not be able to reach Yellow Cliffs Picnic Area and Boat Launch, SB Cove and Bartlett Flats Shoreline Areas.  Before and after this closure, expect delays while construction crews work on the road, and flaggers keep traffic safely moving through the construction zone.  Please slow down and give the workers space, as they improve the condition of the North Lake Road.

The North Lake Road, labeled as Forest Road 458 on the Tonto Visitor Map, leads to Rattlesnake Cove Picnic Area, from Bartlett Dam Road, and to SB Cove Shoreline Area, Yellow Cliffs Picnic Area and Boat Launch, and Bartlett Flat Shoreline Area at the north end of Bartlett Lake.