Falling Arizona gas prices

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Due to the predominantly statewide drop in prices, the Arizona median gas price ranks among the lower half of states nationally.

Factors Contributing To Lower Gas Prices In Arizona
Hurricanes, the steady export of gasoline, and buyer demand, are three major factors that contribute to the falling price of gas, detailed recently by AAA Arizona spokesperson Michelle Donati.

Prices Expected To Remain Low Through Remainder Of Year
As of this year, Arizona’s average fuel price has been around $2.28 a gallon. It was recently discovered that East Valley citizens located near the Phoenix metro region, have the best opportunity to find the cheapest gas. Other areas in Arizona known for providing gas for a good price are Peoria as well as Glendale, which have prices like $2.37 and $2.34 per gallon. Prices in Scottsdale are about 5 cents over the average price of gas in Arizona.

Motorists looking for the cheapest gas prices in the state can find them in Tucson, for around $2.30 a gallon. Flagstaff stands at the opposite end of the spectrum, being the most expensive at roughly $2.62 per gallon.

Motorists are encouraged to learn improved fuel efficiency driving techniques. One easy method, is to avoid driving whenever possible, opting rather to bike or walk to one’s destination. Driving steadily, at a slower pace, is also a great way to maximize fuel efficiency. Periods of quick acceleration routinely burn up fuel. Open windows contribute to wind resistance, which in turn requires more fuel to power a vehicle. Keeping the windows closed, is another easy way to save on gas.