Dec. 20 – Dec. 26, 2017

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  The winter solstice this year is timed at 11:29 a.m. on the 21st.  This is the point of deepest darkness in the northern hemisphere.  Ancients celebrated the “return” of the Sun within a few days following the solstice, when it became apparent that it would, indeed, return.  On Hanukkah and Christmas we celebrate the light that never quite goes out inside, no matter how dark it may seem in the world.  We rejoice in the ongoing rebirth of hope for new life within our psyche’s and on the planet. May each of you experience fresh inspiration and expectation of joy in the year to come!

Note that Mercury will turn direct on Dec. 22.  Given that shift, many of us will have last minute changes in our plans for holiday celebrations.  Relax, take what comes, and enjoy it.

Aries:  This looks like a week in which uncomfortable circumstances develop that bear a strong kinship to your past.  It could go back far enough to trigger family of origin material.  You could be overreacting to a situation in the “now” as though you were a child with no personal resources.  Make an effort to stay in the moment.


Taurus:  You are particularly invested in resolving shared financial issues at this time.  This focus includes partner’s income, debts you may have accumulated, concerns regarding income tax, social security, estate planning, and finances you may share with others in the stock or bond market. You have a desire to tighten up details concerning these matters.


Gemini: You may have been waiting for your partner(s) to make a decision in the last 3-4 weeks.  Now that Mercury is turning direct in the house of partner, that which has been on hold will begin to become untangled.  Life will become smoother again.


Cancer:  This holiday season may not be the best for you.  It is possible you don’t feel well or you are taking care of someone who needs your attention.  Perhaps you are feeling cautious about expenditures and would rather forego the gift exchanges.  The time will move on quickly and the blues will lift soon.


Leo:  You are in a somber frame of mind this week.  Decisions in front of you have long term consequences, so you do not want to make mistakes.  Use whatever helps your imagination and take each option out as far as it can go in your mind.  Then return to the present and decide if that is the best route to follow.


Virgo:  During recent weeks your plans for the holidays may have been unsure or perhaps unstable.  But now that Mercury is turning direct in your fourth house of home and family, new decisions may evolve, just in time for Christmas/New Year’s. You can set the table with ease now.


Libra: Venus is your ruling planet and “she” represents your cooperative and affable personality, along with your attraction to beauty in all its forms.  On Dec. 25, 2017, she moves into the sector which is related to home, property and family matters.  You likely will enjoy family during the holidays.  You will be concentrating upon making your life more secure.


Scorpio:  An abandonment issue from the past may be re-enacted in the present, only in different clothing.  The symbolism points toward early issues with siblings or elementary education peers.  If you have an overdone sense of rage this week, it is most probably caused by the older issues.


Sagittarius: The planet Mercury has been traversing your sign since Nov. 5, 2017.  This week the planet turns direct after a three week stint of retrogradation.  Details and circumstances that have been held back by indecision or waiting for a “go” signal, will begin to fall into place now.  You may be changing your mind on one or more things this week.


Capricorn the Goat: (Dec. 21– Jan. 19) There seems to be an unusual emphasis on your responsibility requirements this season.  If not that, you may not feel quite up to par on the physical level.  A female brightens your outlook and attitude over the holiday weekend.


Aquarius:  It is time to take some R&R from the world.  Perhaps circumstances have worked that out for you.  If this is merely a fantasy, then take some time off so you can refresh your spirit.  When we insist on maintaining forward motion, sometimes the body will take the hit and find a way to make you rest.


Pisces:  In the big picture you are on the verge of major change.  The need became apparent last winter and it looked easier then.  Now you are hesitating.  It is wisest to make conservative decisions for the next several months.  Look at how you can make this change in small increments.  Take baby steps if possible.


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