Arizonas I17 ranked as highly dangerous

Teletrac Navman, a GPS company, recently ranked Arizona’s I-17 Interstate as among the most treacherous U.S. highways. This has been determined after examining fatality reports that occurred from 2011 to 2015. A total of 123 recorded fatalities took place during the five-year stretch, making it the fourth most dangerous interstate nationwide.

Among these fatalities, 49 drivers were entering the interstate from Phoenix. When broken down, it appears that Saturdays as well as March appear to be the most dangerous times to drive the interstate.

Other Dangerous Highways
Only Florida’s US Route 192, as well as Texas’s I-45 and Florida’s I-4 ranked as more dangerous than Arizona’s interstate. The I-45 has claimed the highest number of deaths (290) during the 5 year period of study. Florida’s I-4, however, came in at the most dangerous position on the list because of its frightening calculation of claiming 1.25 deaths per mile.

More Info About Interstate I-17
The I-17, known as the Black Canyon Freeway or the Arizona Veterans Highway, is 146 miles and serves as a direct route from Flagstaff to Phoenix. The highway is exclusive to Arizona, as it does not cross state borders. The I-17 is known for being a uniquely scenic highway in the nation. From Phoenix to Flagstaff, the highway rises nearly a mile in elevation, peaking at 7000 ft in the Flagstaff region. Views of many of Arizona’s most prominent peaks and valleys can be enjoyed while traveling the interstate.

Motorists are encouraged to practice safe highway driving techniques to help make Interstate I-17 a safer route. Matching the speed of traffic before merging, is recommended. Also remembering that traffic can easily inhabit a vehicle’s blind spot, is important when gauging whether or not it is safe to change lanes.