Updated streetlight design to improve Bell Road traffic flow

Bell Road is one of the most congested Valley roads, but with the help of a new streetlight system, the regular flow of traffic may be greatly improved. This could be a  major improvement for the locals who routinely drive the 34 mile road which spans between Scottsdale and Surprise.

Traffic Lights Will Feature New Smart Technology

Officials are making use of Adaptive Signal Control Technology in order to allow the timing of traffic lights to be adjusted periodically, depending upon the flow of traffic. Transportation departments throughout Arizona have been experimenting with various traffic flow systems, and Adaptive Signal Control Technology appears to be the most powerful tool. Essentially, what the system does is gauge the traffic demands on busy streets, calculate the quickest algorithms that will allow for the greatest flow of traffic, and then implement those algorithms directly into the timing of each traffic light.

Busy Intersections Will See The System First

Intersections that are most frequently clogged with traffic will be equipped with the system initially. If implementation of the system is successful, it is highly likely that it will be expanded elsewhere in Scottsdale and beyond.

Many commuters who are used to the stop and go, bumper to bumper traffic on Bell Road are waiting in eager anticipation to experience the improved traffic flow system.

The project itself has been made possible due primarily to federal funding which has amounted to 2.7 million. If the system is successful, then officials have the option of using Bell Road as a major transportation detour route when the freeway is closed. Ultimately, the project is expected to be completed by spring. Officials hope that traffic conditions are greatly improved, and that accidents occurring during bumper to bumper commute hour traffic are less frequent.