According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–President Trump has seven more years to make America even greater, while the liberal press is not letting up condemning him. Here it is Tuesday, and the Dow is up over 250 points, on its way to 24,000 while looking back to Obama, it never made it to 19,000. So what ever happened to “it’s the economy stupid” from the Democrats in the past? My local liberal daily paper (The Courier Journal) has a hard looking cartoon of Trump behind bars on a Time Magazine Person Of The Year 2018. Also, a typical letter to the editor “Trump fits right in with Despots and Dictators” and the beat goes on. With Schumer and Pelosi leading the Democrats by the nose, how can Trump lose credibility? Very early on PVT South remembers a Senator Schumer stating on TV that “it’s time for America to have a female President”. (Really)? OK–The fix was in, but fortunately there was enough voters to think otherwise. (Question) So how many voters today would still want Queen Hillary running the White House? Have you noticed lately things are really looking up for America? (especially the Stock Market)

Pocahontas is still in the news, along with Charlie Rose, Al Franken and John Conyers. (But hold everything) We The People just heard from across the pond that Harry and Meghan got engaged. Ok–We know who Harry is, but Meghan is basically new on the Royal Scene. She is an attractive 36 year old (American from L.A.) while Carrot Top is 33, so that is enough fodder for tabloids to go crazy with. Speaking of gossip, Meghan could be the new Duchess and the new better looking Camilla on the Royal Scene. Dearly Beloved–I may be ahead of myself, but the tabloids will be full speed ahead on this one, so stay tuned.

Next week will be Anniversary of December 7th 1941, and dearly beloved it was no surprise.

PVT South