A perfect union

Don Sorchych, my viewShari Jo received a call from a man named Artis telling her that his wife, Sharon, had passed. We had not seen them for about a decade when Artis, a pastor of a black church, was driven to write “A Perfect Union” with a goal to send a copy to every congressman and the president. I did not print their last name since it doesn’t appear in the book. The book is controversial because it is conservative, yet written by a black man of God.

Artis and Sharon skimped to meet their goal before the Obama/McCain presidential election.

Sharon suffered from cancer of both breasts. Shari Jo provided Sharon with dietary information and other methods, including alkaline water, which worked for my youngest sister, providing the cure for Sharon.

We celebrated her success at a Scottsdale restaurant. As we stood up to leave I noted we were surrounded by hostile eyes – white couple with black couple!

Disgusting! That couple is intelligent, religious and conservative. To avoid embarrassment of the couple, we held our tempers and left.

“A Perfect Union” is a short book of 165 pages but covers its goal in a short space. The center of the book is political correctness and its effect on society, religion and politics.

Following is the table of contents, which will give a sense of what the book the book is about:

Preface v

Introduction ix

1. The cause for concern 1

2. Governing for Moment 29

3. The Uniqueness of America’s History 45

4. The Progression of the Perfect Union 49

5. Loopholes 61

6. The Emergence of Political Correctness 69

7. LBGT Advancement Through Political Correctness 73 8. Political Correctness and the Church 85

9. Preference vs. Orientation 91

10. The Voice of the Moralist and Commonsense People 107

(Discussion Points) 110

11. Should the LBGT be Resisted? 141

12. Can the Significant Majority Expect Help? 151

13. Is Resistance Futile? 159

14. What can I do? 164

15. United National Conversation (Appeal to the President) 165

The book also includes the following open letter addressed to President Obama:

1. I believe our nation is at critical crossroads concerning the role, influence and impact of the LBGT sexual behavior on our society (especially our children.)

2. I believe the American people have a right to know whether LBGT individuals are born homosexual or have chosen their sexual behaviors.

3. As you have supported, I believe the American people are intelligent, resourceful and civic minded enough to invest in research and fair solutions through science and medicine.

4. Until our nation finds workable solutions, I respectfully request that you, as our President:

a) Implement a moratorium (an authorized period of suspended activity) to cease any and all legislation that would advance the proliferation of LBGT infusion into mainstream society.

b) Sign an executive order to immediately remove all materials from circulation relating to the community, same sex relation, and LBGT practices in our public school systems; and

c) Lead our country (citizens, legislators and experts in various fields) in a United National Conversation about this issue by way of a National, prime-time, televised broadcast.

5) Our United National Conversation must be open and honest as we establish facts and address the majority’s uncertainties about the influence of the LBGT community’s sexual behaviors on our countries future (particular our children).

6) Our United National Conversation should be based on Discussion Points in the book entitled A Perfect Union (which are collective thoughts of the American people) so that we can clarify the issue and decide our society’s future based upon the final democratic vote of the nation.

7) I, and all American citizens, have the right to decide and vote on whether the acceptance and infusion of the LBGT community’s behaviors are healthy and/or right for the nation.

8) We must remove the taboo of discussing this issue openly and honestly refusing to allow political correctness and special interest groups to hinder our United National Conversation.