According to PVT South

Dearly Beloved—the dumb American is still alive and well. President Trump has been in office for a year and according to the news people, America is going downhill even though most everyone can now see things are looking way up.  O.K.-the ones who voted for Queen Hillary will never give Trump any credit because they would prefer to see America fail. When the Republicans do good at the mid-term elections in 2018 and do a better job at the Presidential election in 2020 it will not mean a thing to the Hillary lover’s.  The Obama years were not good for America but it will take time to prove it.

In my own state of Kentucky, Secretary of State, Allison Grimes is on a political task force to legalize medical marijuana. As if we don’t have enough dope heads in Kentucky already. To use the term (medical) is the green light to sell all kinds of marijuana related products. How about cookies and candy?  The kids will love that just ask the folks in Denver, Co. Five out of six Congressmen plus our own two Senators are Republican; would you believe one Democratic Congressmen, John Yarmuth, has joined others to impeach Trump. To be kind, Yarmuth is no smarter than the Rep. Maxine Waters from California. (and, the beat goes on).  Democrats still think good control is more important than good government. They wonder why they lose so many elections. It is hard for a Democrat to keep their powder dry.

PVT South