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Dearly Beloved–The USA Today is very good at listing major problems, but not much on giving solutions, but they will make a sincere effort to let you know they exist. In my own state of Kentucky, they have discovered throughout the Commonwealth in some places they have more registered Democrats than they have people. (Isn’t that amazing) Too often in rural America and Kentucky is no exception (if you don’t vote right you don’t eat right). Now that’s what they mean about all politics are local.

Trump winning the Presidency was a miracle, and it will repeat in 2018 because the mentally challenged Democrats still think liberalism and socialism is the greatest thing since sliced bread. After Trump’s first year in office the stock market is up 4000 points, but the Democratic Party along with the liberal press and news media would still give it back to Queen Hillary if they could.

About Alabama’s Ray Moore and the special election next month. (question) Have the five women who accused the Judge of whatever taken a polygraph to back up their statement? If not, why not? It should be the voters in Alabama who decides who gets elected and not the press and news media.

Now we have the new 2019 Chevrolet Corvette that will go 210 MPH, and the Dodge Demon about 200. OK–The Dodge Demon is a 6.2 Liter V8 like the Vette at 840 HP while the Corvette comes in at 755 HP. I must repeat myself “Life is a game of numbers and money is used to keep score”. OK–How much would these hotrods cost if they could only go 110 MPH? Keeping in mind our National Speed Limit is still 70 MPH. Now you have two identical sports cars, one costs about $100,000 and the other about $200,000. One will go 110 MPH and the other will go 210 MPH. Please pick one.

Maxine Waters , a Representative in California insists on being a National embarrassment to herself, her party, and the country. What is so amazing, she doesn’t even know it.

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