Nov. 15 – 21, 2017

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  This week a featured aspect is the new Moon in Scorpio on November 13 followed by Mars squaring Pluto on November 19.  Scorpio is concerned with birth, death, and the transformation or conversion from one thing to another.  In the period of the New Moon in this sign we may conclude projects or make decisions to tear them up and start over in a different way.  It is a favorable time to ferret out difficulties in our relationships, lay them out in the daylight and work to find positive resolutions.  In rural life, it is the time to plow fields under, preparing the ground for a long sleep before the next growing season.  The message:  All energy forms can be resurrected into new life by disassembling and reconstructing the basics.  It is a message of hope.  Mars squaring Pluto is intense and puts pressure on us to repair our relationships, to find a common thread on which to grow.  Scorpio is a symbol of money and investments on the mundane level, so there may be new things happening in that arena.

Aries:  You are a powerhouse this week.  Put that energy to productive use and you will accomplish a great deal more than in a routine week.
Focus your attention on making the world a better place and you will gain help from others.  If you use it to serve your personal ego, people will resist and make life difficult.

Taurus:  Relationships and social life flow well. You may hear from someone out of your past.  Use careful judgment in that regard.  Remain open but also conscious of your previous experiences.  Allow yourself to enjoy the arts, novels, and music.

Gemini: Your avatar planet is Mercury, which is traveling through your territory of significant relationships.  This week Mercury is making an easy aspect to Mars, which suggests now is a good time to discuss your relationships with those who are close to you.  The give and take is working better than it has in the past.

Cancer:  You are in a reasonably good place with yourself now.  Your heart and mind are flowing together.  You have no conflict between your feelings and your thoughts about those feelings.  This is a time for reflection on important subjects.  You can make good decisions now.

Leo:  This week’s New Moon shines a fresh light on the sector of home, hearth and family for the Lions.  It suggests you may need to reline your dwelling for the winter to come.  Most of us are not rural, but we can prepare our homes for the cold months in lots of different ways.  This New Moon likely will give you an urge to begin.

Virgo:  This is a fine week to organize clutter as well as keepsakes in your home.  You have a desire to prune away that which is not needed to create more order and symmetry.  It will be a relief to your eyes and make it easier to find everything.  Consider adding storage containers and other helpful items that can create more visual space.

Libra: You have a need to pour on the energy and focus on finishing projects related to your home or property.  Give attention to good body mechanics now because your reflexes are a little off center.  Your efforts concerning work and other daily activities are rewarded.  Relationships in general flow well.

Scorpio the Phoenix: (Oct. 23 — Nov 20) Keep your thoughts to yourself, especially those that are critical of others or that have a sharp edge.  Even if what you think is true, this is not the time to express your feelings.  You are fond of offering constructive criticism, which will not be taken with a favorable attitude this week.

Sagittarius:  Your ruling planet has recently moved into Scorpio and will be there for the next 13 months.  This suggests the entry of a Guardian Angel into your life.  Guardians often come through the assistance of people who pop up offering help or a good solution to an issue.  This can be in the form of unexpected help when you most need it.

Capricorn: A project begun in the fall of 2016 is now reaching a point of fulfillment.  If you have handled all the details along the way, the outcome will be supportive to your sense of self-esteem.  It is possible your efforts have threatened the powers-that-be, who may attempt to oppose you.  A well laid foundation will prove your worth.

Aquarius:  At the beginning of the week you could feel pressured to produce or somehow please someone.  This is hot a huge thing.  After you finish a small obligation, you have the rest of the week to go back to your personal routine.

Pisces:  You have favorable aspects on your side in the territories of higher education, publishing, teaching, place of worship, the internet, and travel.  Your mind wants to wander in the world of fantasy, daydreams, good books, and music.  It is not a great week for getting things done, but you will enjoy the journey.

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