Racism, the media and academia embrace it

According to “Walk Free Foundation”, slavery exists to this very day on Earth.  The number one country with slavery by numbers is India.  The countries and regions with most slavery today are found in Asia and Central and Western Africa.   Notable countries include India, China, Indonesia and Russia.   Yet the United States gets blamed and derided as the racists on Earth.

During the 373 years of trans-Atlantic slavery from Christopher Columbus landing in the Caribbean in 1492 to 1865, the freeing of slaves in the United States, 4% of slaves came to what would become the United States.   The largest slavers to the Americas were the Africans themselves, the British, the Spanish, the French and Muslim slavers.   96% of all slaves during those years went to places OTHER THAN the future United States, and most before we were a country, while under British rule.
On March 4, 1789, the US Constitution was effective.  76 years later, slavery was abolished, after slavery had been installed by the British and French and Spanish prior to our becoming a country.
Canada had slaves, Mexico had slaves, the Caribbean nations had slaves, Central and South America had slaves.  Every continent except Antarctica had slaves. Yet the United States gets fed all of the guilt and demonization for it.
Why are all the hundreds of nations that had slavery and many who still have slavery given a pass by the Leftists?  Slavery’s evil has consequences for generations IN EVERY NATION THAT HAD SLAVERY.   Why is it portrayed that every country except the United States have cleansed themselves fully of this evil?
The Left wants POWER so desperately that they are willfully and maliciously fanning the flames of hatred and racism for a political end.   Racism is being used as a political weapon.  They use the rage and anger they promote to motivate people to vote them into power. That is it, pure and simple. POWER, not equality.  If Leftists were truly committed to improving the lives of descendants of African slaves, why then have they not solved the problems in cities like Chicago and Detroit where leftist Democrats have ruled for decades?   They have no answers, only blame and hate.
The United States, along with most countries on Earth got rid of slavery, but many still have not.  Yet the media, academia and the political Left fail to shine the spotlight on those countries.  Instead they demonize us and seek every opportunity to fuel hatred and divisiveness.  Political power is their only objective, not the improvement of lives.
The truth is not being taught or told to Americans.  No country has a perfect, pure history.
Steve C.
Phoenix, AZ