According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–The Democrats won the Virginia and the New Jersey Governor’s race, so what does it mean in the political world? How about absolutely nothing. They were predicted to win and now they have something to hang their hat on. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Trump would win again. (Sorry Hillary)

The Clintons have been in politics forever, but Donna Brazile is the first high ranking Democrat to come out (in a book) and talk about how corrupt and manipulative Slick Willy and Wonder Woman have been in the past. OK–Before Queen Hillary even became the Democratic nominee for President, her campaign signed a joint agreement with the DNC and the (Hillary Victory Fund) in which her campaign would finance the DNC in exchange for oversight from the Clinton campaign. Usually this is done after the nominee wins, but the fix was in and the Queen was going to win, so what difference did it make?

Usually you base your opinion on how important someone is on how much they make in salary. In the USA sports section they have a large photo of a Chicago Cubs pitcher that will demand up to 125 million once he becomes a free agent. Did it ever occur to the average American that if you pay a member of Congress superstar wages they might accidentally do a better job? (100 thousand per month) That may sound outrageous to some, but based on what athletic superstars receive (not so much) Remember the cliché’ “you only get what you pay for”? How about Governors and Mayors? That is the key to good government, but how many out there even give it a thought when they are quick to complain about government.

Now my Kentucky Senator who lives in Bowling Green Kentucky (home of the Chevrolet Corvette) was tackled from behind in his front yard by his neighbor of 17 years. The dude is also a Doctor who broke five of his ribs who should be fixing his pain and not creating it. Will the doctor get any jail time? (he should) Don’t hold your breath on that one, it was just a misunderstanding. (politics was not involved)

Trump was elected a year ago and things are looking up for America, but don’t tell the Democrats and remember James Carville (it’s the economy stupid)–PVT South