Another Liberal brilliant idea goes wrong

 8 more people were killed by an immigrating terrorist into the United States.   About a dozen more were injured by that same terrorist.  He came in 2010 from Uzbekistan under a law that created a lottery for foreigners from countries with few members in the USA to apply for the lottery and if selected, invited to come and get their green card.

The idea started with Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer and was a touchy feely legislative effort to promote “diversity”.  Sadly it did not promote assimilation.  President George H.W. Bush signed it into law.  This is further evidence of how liberal the Bush family is and always has been.  They have always supported amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders.  The Bush family and Karl Rove opposed Ronald Reagan when he ran against the sitting President Gerald Ford in the mid 1970’s.  They fought Reagan’s attempt to win the primary and we got Jimmy Carter as the prize.  Thanks to the Bush family!
And when Ronald Reagan won the Presidency in 1980, he chose George H.W. Bush for his Vice President in an effort to appease the liberal wing of the Republican Party.  How did that work out for us???
George H.W. Bush raised taxes after vowing not to raise taxes.  He signed terrible laws like this lottery immigration law to please the Democrats, along with his own world view of open borders and globalism.  He was a big government President just like his son George W. Bush was.  The Bush family is not conservative and it never has been.
Now we have more dead people due to immigration.  Republicans pander to political correctness while Democrats want as many unskilled persons here possible that will vote for Democrats.  Their lust and thirst for power are getting people killed and they want to ignore it.
What if every refugee or immigrant were to be relocated to neighborhoods close to Democrats and liberal federal judges who continue to allow them in.  Let’s put them all in Hawaii since the Hawaii federal  judge Watson (an Obama appointee) loves them so much.  Or New York or Washington DC or northern Virginia where the Leftist bureaucrats live.  They play a stupid game thinking they will escape the backlash of their Leftist ideology on immigration because they will not be in their neighborhoods.  How would they like 50,000 unvetted persons relocated in their state or city?
President Trump is trying to protect us and the Leftist Democrats are getting people killed.  Look around.  Is there a people shortage in the United States??  No, there is not.
There is no Constitutional right for anyone on Earth to come here.  Immigration has to be reserved for those who will bring skills and add value to our country that we lack.  We need doctors, engineers, scientists, IT specialists, etc.   We need skilled people who will love our country and want to assimilate into our culture and be Americans.
Congress needs to immediately end the Diversity Lottery debacle. Are we so ignorant to keep such a dumb law??  Call your Congressmen.
Steve C.
Phoenix, Arizona