Svelte rather than bloated

mullet over

– Two engineers named Morrow and Stamm devised what is likely a giant leap of an invention. The Metallic battery-powered gadgets appeared to be crudely constructed. These men thought their contraptions could stop drones in mid-flight by disrupting radio & satellite control frequencies. However, the FCC protects such airwaves in the U.S., so the pair could not even legally try out their gizmos. A special test was set up through the Defense Department at Camp Roberts, California. Several of the approximately 50 “experts” in attendance openly complained about a waste of time, manpower and facilities. Gaping mouths and words of amazement were plentiful when the flimsy devices worked as predicted — pausing or crashing incoming drones near locations designated by officials. The now highly-prized deterrents are called DroneDefenders.

– For those who live on the edge of haute couture (does not include me), lightweight down jackets may not be as puffy as in the past. An Italian company is marketing outerwear that combines sewn pockets of matted duck feathers bonded with insulating polyesters that will be offered in “toasty-warm” Alpine Designs. Stylists claim the garments will be effectively warm, yet let the wearer appear “svelte rather than bloated.” One of my problems is that while I may seem bloated, my wife assures me that the cause is not any ski jacket.

– Are you the proud owner of a large screen high definition TV? At a prominent location selected at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, a super high definition (33,177,600 pixels) 352 inch screen will be televising various Olympiad events. Try to not be the last in your neighborhood to acquire a comparable setup.

– According to a recent science magazine, an average of 91 Americans die each day from opioid overdoses. Ninety-one humans needlessly wasted, lost — daily. Appalling, horrendous, inexcusable.

– Each person’s lip prints are unique. The grooves and contours are formed during at the embryonic stages and are thought to remain fixed throughout life. Once primarily used as an identification tool, medical researchers have discovered that the lips read like books to reveal genetic dispositions that can aid in early treatments of potential health problems.

– Meanwhile, developers at Apple have created a facial-recognition system that may one day replace fingerprint scanners. This AI is designed to read 30,000 points on a person’s face and compare that image to photos on file. One anticipated result is that folks may soon quickly determine which face is mine and which is that of Brad Pitt. Have a great week.