Scorpions Looking to Hibernate in Homes During Cooler Months

As the dry summer air turns to cool autumn winds, Arizona Bark Scorpions will begin making their way into homes and businesses in search, food, water, and relief from the cold. Arizona residents know that cooler weather means it’s time to be on the lookout for these household pests.

Arizona Bark Scorpions are experts in finding their way into buildings. Unfortunately, homes offer the ideal spot for the dark and dry environment that a scorpion seeks. By crawling underneath doors and windows, squeezing between cracks in roof tiles, or just by making their way up pipes, they can and will find just about any way to get into a house.

In order to keep your home free of scorpions, a few common-sense precautions should be taken. Scorpions eat small insects such as crickets. Keeping your house free of these smaller bugs will make your home a less than ideal spot for scorpions. Tripsavvy recommends caulking all cracks around the house and sealing off any windows to keep these stinging critters outside. Keep firewood and debris away from your house as this gives nesting scorpions easy access into your home.

Of course, even after every precaution has been taken to keep these pests out, Arizona Bark Scorpions can still use ingenious methods to gain entry. Therefore, it is important to do periodical checks around rooms to make sure no sneaky scorpions have made their way inside. Scorpions are nocturnal, so it’s best to check corners, cabinets, and even the inside of shoes around the home at night using a flashlight.  If scorpions are found inside, it is best to call an exterminator right away. Being smart and proactive will help keep your home scorpion free during the cooler months.