Letter to Jeff Flake

Thank you for choosing to NOT run for reelection.  Sadly, your speech on the Senate floor confirmed that you are unable and unwilling to accept the fact that you lied to the voters and acted only in the best interest of your donors and the old-guard GOP Establishment that has stabbed us all in the back. I am amazed that someone of your age and education has such low self-awareness.  STUNNING.

When Barack Obama was fanning the flames of racism and divisiveness for years, you were silent about tone and language and decency.  Obama weaponized the federal government and tainted the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS and EPA and other federal agencies.  You stood by in silence.   Obama endangered the lives of police officers by his racial rhetoric, you were silent.  You gave up your moral authority.  Do not insult us further with your self-righteous piety.

YOU are the reason you are leaving, not President Trump.  YOU failed to do what we elected you to do.  YOU betrayed us.  If you are a man of conscience as you say, resign effective December 31, 2017 and allow Governor Ducey to replace you for 2018.

You will not be missed.

Steve C. 
Phoenix, AZ