Crime and politics

Everybody without their head in the sand knows of the infamous murders by Stephan Paddock in Los Vegas. Paddock killed 58 people and wounded nearly 500. An immense investigation commenced since revealing Paddock has lived a secretive life, was wealthy, a gambler and gun fancier. Since he is unconnected with Trump the press has done a decent job for once. This story will continue for a long time, with many surprises.

The fallout? Leftie demands for gun control targeting NRA and all gun holders. I continue to support the NRA and wish more gun owners would join and support the NRA since so many gun owners are not currently supporting the NRA. They should.Don Sorchych, my view

Conservative radio talk show hosts have tried to explain, to no avail, controlling guns is a non-answer and will not solve the continuing problem. What we need for starters are thousands more competent conservative talk show hosts (CTSH) to offset the national print media and TV.

In a previous editorial I discussed our good fortune of having radio station KFYI 550 AM in our back yard. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are the best, both strongly conservative and rated one and two nationwide. Six hours a day, WOW!

There are three others: Mike Broomhead in the morning. Is normally fairly conservative but leans toward Libertarianism. Example: His take on DACA is to keep the illegals because their parents brought them and sniff, sniff they shouldn’t be blamed. Let them stay, give them green cards, send them to school, sniff, sniff.

BS! Ship them back to wherever they came from, now!

The other criticism I have is they close the program with a game where they present a news piece, leave a blank, then fill in the blank and laugh up a lung as only middle age men can. Gross! That is conservative thought? That is entertainment? Maybe they put it last because listeners were reaching to switch the station.

The least liked among the four hosts was Chris Merrill, clearly not a conservative. He is gone now and apparently was terminated or quit a coup of weeks ago since he was under fire from listeners. Let’s hope KFYI chooses more carefully this time around.

The upcoming election is a concern. Dr. Kelli Ward is a perfect candidate for the seat of Jeff Flake, who is all for open borders.

Although he’s not up for reelection this time around, we also need to get John McCain out of office for thousands of reasons but no one wants to criticize him because he has brain cancer.

A few Democrats are also going after Flake’s seat. Several conservative friends are threatening to vote for Democrat Kyrsten Sinema if Flake makes it through the primary. No, no, never a Democrat, people. Democrat former Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton as well as several others are signed up. Get involved in whatever way you can to retain our Republican seats.