Turtle speed

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– According to historical records, the world’s first chain saws were not made to cut branches or tall trees, but for severing bone and cartilage.

– For centuries, keeping track of time was a rather primitive process. A spring-driven clock that was off by only 5 minutes per day was admired for its accuracy. One significant step forward in timekeeping occurred in the 1600’s when Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens introduced his pendulum clock. The innovative timepiece was accurate to within one minute per day.

– Female Komodo dragons can reproduce without a male dragon being involved.

– Meanwhile back in the Pacific Ocean not far from Ecuador, a Galapagos sea turtle was recently observed to be swimming at speeds exceeding 35 mph. Try to match that when you next take a dip. I now fear that Testudines (turtles) may no longer be rightfully admired for being s-l-o-w.

– It is also in the Galapagos regions that the world’s only penguins inhabiting expanses north of the equator thrive.

– Remember encyclopedias? For many decades, encyclopedias were treasured cradles of information equaled by few other sources. Librarians guarded the precious volumes as a mother croc might protect her newly hatched brood. Sadly, another era has passed. Previously more than a dozen different publishers marketed fine examples of encyclopedias. Britannica, once held in highest esteem, ceased publishing their iconic volumes in 2012. Only World Book still offers a full set of what was long a vital part of structured education in the Western World.

– Returning to earth from the ISS (International Space Station) in a Soyuz capsule takes about 3 ½ hours. Passengers experience deceleration forces approximately 4 ½ times the gravitational strength of our planet. Mere inches from commuters’ heads, temperatures of at least 3,000° Fahrenheit are present.

– Long ago when I was in college, we were taught that dreams occur only during periods of REM. Recent research indicates this concept to be in error. Scientists are now certain that dreams also occur during non-REM phases.

– Do what you like with this info: A university study indicates that 30 minutes of floor mopping will typically burn up about 150 calories.

– I just read that healthy humans can generate new stomach linings every four days. Looking back, I believe it could be that this peculiarity enabled our local school cafeterias to remain open. Well, enjoy some pleasant whenever dreams – and have a great week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at jkwhite46@gmail.com.