KFYI is best conservative talk show locally

Don Sorchych, my viewMost media is on the side of Democrats. Friends have asked me where to find true conservative voices. Of course KFYI for its size has the two best in America and they are Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I usually start the radio day at 10 a.m. with Rush’s three hour program. He claims an accuracy rate of over 99 percent. He also uses great satire in responses during phone debates. Many callers were lefties who became conservatives after listening to Rush. He is doubtless a genius with a memory like an elephant, total recall.

Hannity got his start substituting for Rush, and has become a close second on FOX television. Not only does he do a three hour radio show he also does an evening show with guests. He was a strong supporter of Donald Trump during his election campaign and since. You will see he is a strong conservative and, like Rush, he is a genius.

An announcer on KFYI rattles off a list of their stars, a major strength of the radio station. Actually their strength is in Rush and Hannity, not Mike Broomhead and Chris Merrill.

Broomhead has the early slot now; he is not suave as are the two heavyweights. You always have to hear about family matters and his life as an electrician. He has an associate and they both bray which they both think is a laugh.

Under Reviews:

Great lineup EXCEPT Chris Merrill. This guy is awful. Merrill is NOT a Conservative. He must have pictures of the KFYI owner sleeping with a goat.

I would give KFYI five stars but can’t stand Chris Merrill. Mike Broomhead, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are what make the station great. After 4 p.m., I can’t stand it so I tune to another station. Get rid of that leftist.

Chris Merrill stinks; can’t stand to listen to him. Other than that, it is my go to station until 4 p.m. Please get rid of him.

Actually the reason friends complain is because of “lefty Merrill.”

The other one with mixed reviews is Glenn Beck who comes on late. He lost standing when he took a stand against Trump in the primaries.