What’s a Carefree Christmas without the Electric Light Parade???

Let me preface what I am about to say by stating that I generally ‘go with the flow’, unless I feel strongly about something. Well, I’m feeling strongly…

First, I’m frustrated because I attempted to contact Gina Kaegi, the new Carefree Marketing Director, twice and left voicemails for her, without response. When I first called Carefree City Hall to inquire about the date of the Electric Light Parade (three weeks ago), I was told that there WAS going to be a ‘parade’ this year (daytime), but subsequently learned that there is NOT going to be the Electric Light Parade (nighttime) associated with the Carefree Christmas celebration this year.

Second, why oh why, is Carefree NOT including the Electric Light Parade as part of the festivities this year. It was one of the most successful community events that Carefree hosts all year. The parade included local schools, churches, businesses, boy scout/girls scout troops, the fire department and police department, Carefree elected officials, marching bands, pets, horses, young people/seniors, hot air balloons, tumblers, candy, Santa and more. It was a total team effort for all participants, and included months of excitement around building a float, organizing groups of people excited to participate, and marching around the Carefree town center. This was an event that the entire family enjoyed, adults included!! It brought hundreds of people from all over the Valley to Carefree. The parade was always capped off with an impressive display of fireworks for all to enjoy, and there were local gatherings and parties before and after the parade. People came from far and near to celebrate in Carefree.

The Electric Light Holiday Parade was unique to Carefree. The beautiful Carefree gardens were always festively decorated and showcased the beautiful town center, and the Holiday spirit was alive and well in the Carefree. The only negative associated with this event, and this can hardly be considered a negative; there wasn’t enough parking for the hundreds of people that lined the festive parade route, so cars parked up and down Tom Darlington and Cave Creek Road.

My advice – build on your successes rather than recreating the wheel.

Cindy Burgin

A Disappointed Carefree Resident