Jeff Flake is becoming John McCain’s clone

It is obvious that Senator John McCain gets personal pleasure from inciting and antagonizing others with his words and deeds. Every time he gets a chance to take an issue and create controversy with it, he does it. He chooses to “get even” with his enemies instead of doing the work of his constituents. He takes pleasure in assassinating the character of any Republican opponent in a primary. He will lie to us during a campaign and then turns round and do the opposite. He PROMISED to repeal Obamacare. (I just received another health insurance cancellation notice)

He smiled and gave a hearty thumbs DOWN while casting the vote that ended debate on the Obamacare repeal. He did not even want further discussion to occur between the House and Senate. He then turns around and says he will not vote for Lindsey Graham’s bill to start repairing Obamacare. He is AGAINST allowing the states to use the money for health insurance administration. He is on the side of federal government control of our health insurance and on the side of health insurers who crawled into bed with Barack Obama to pass the ACA in the first place! And now they want bail outs??

McCain came out against the Presidential pardon of Joe Arpaio, who was denied his Constitutional right to a jury trial by a partisan judge. Obamas DOJ wanted to make an example of Joe Arpaio using a weaponized agency against him. Look how far we have fallen when we prosecute people who enforce laws and do noting to those who ignore those same laws! John McCain criticized our president while overseas. He goes public in a snarky, hostile way and basks in the negative energy he creates.

Is he a Maverick or just a TROLL?

One would think that he would have better things to do with the rest of his life than make more enemies, promote ill-will, settle scores and leave a legacy of vindictiveness. Senator McCain seems Hell-bent on ending his life in a vengeful and cynical way. His behavior is not new. He has been this way for decades. Thank God he never became President. His only legislative claim to fame was the McCain-Feingold bill that was found unconstitutional and reversed. Name anything in federal government that has gotten BETTER since McCain became a Senator? Nothing. He says he focuses on the military and veterans affairs. BOTH have been gutted over his tenure. He has been ineffective legislatively. He is only effective in obstructing Republicans and pandering to the Leftist media and Democrats.

Sadly, he is tutoring Jeff Flake to follow his political game plan: take massive money from out-of-state donors and use it to destroy the character of any Republican Primary challenger, say whatever you have to say (lie) to get re-elected, then once in office, do whatever the donors and lobbyists want.

I hope we do not allow Jeff Flake to become the next John McCain and further stain Arizona. Around the country conservatives shake their heads as to why Arizona has TWO terrible Senators. I hope we wise up and get rid of John McCain’s heir apparent Jeff Flake. Flake will turn on us just like McCain has if he stays in office.

Jeff Flake is now being protected by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell until Election Day 2018. He will not have to make any controversial votes in order to cover up his Liberal leanings. As repayment, he will then faithfully do Mitch McConnell’s bidding if re-elected. Arizona would once again lose representation in favor of Kentucky issues represented by McConnell and the Republican (RINO) establishment. STOP THIS CYCLE! Get rid of Jeff Flake! Flake is now desperately attempting to resurrect his reputation and PLEASE do not fall for his deception. Please vote for a true US Constitutional conservative Republican challenger in the 2018 Republican Primary. Let’s finally get proper representation in Washington DC in the US Senate.

Steve C.