According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved–The USA Today headline is “North Korea has flirted with war for decades”. Unless North Korea makes a destructive military move on another country, then everything we hear or have read is nothing more than idle gossip that has been going on for years. Rocket Man, the dude with the funny haircut is the perfect puppet for China who is actually pulling all the strings. OK–That puts China in the Catbird Seat, for those who do not understand, you can go back and watch cartoons.

More headlines “little change for Obamacare clients”. Tough road for Congress after healthcare failure. (You can blame the leadership) Also, the Republicans ponder what’s next as Bill reveals rift in party. (Once again blame their leadership) What we have here is a Washington establishment controlling much of Congress instead of Democrats and Republicans working together to achieve good government.

Now the big news. Forget North Korea and Washington DC. The FBI is doing a number on college sports and the University of Louisville basketball program. (My Hometown) That includes Athletic Director Tom Jurich and Coach Rick Pitino. Right now it looks like (Doom City), but it just happened today. (Wednesday) What We The People now have is proof of all those goofy stories we have heard about corruption, sex and illegal payments to student athletes is true. OK–So what is the answer? Yes I have one–Time to get a grip. Currently, winning is the only cure for success, but success has gotten too expensive. Here is the cure for college athletics. Eliminate all athletic scholarships, student athletes must be a walk on and prove their academic eligibility in their Freshman year with a standard C average. (No Redshirting) Upon graduation, after 4 years in the athletic program, the student athlete is entitled to 2 free years to work on their Masters.

Dearly beloved, student athletes can now concentrate on more constructive activities besides (tattoo’s).

PVT South