Poppycock or propaganda

Noted meteorologist, Beyonce, attributed hurricane Irma and the recent Mexican earthquake to, you guessed it, global warming. Rolling Stone columnist Jeff Goodell states: “Let there be no doubt: The horrific damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey was an almost entirely man-made catastrophe, one fingerprinted by all-to-human neglect, corruption and denial”. If these two, and other liberals, really believe this crap I would not be surprised. However, they overlook tons of scientific fact. In the last five years the Arctic ice cap as grown some 40%; during the approximate period of 1550 to 1850 Alaska and much of North America experienced a mini Ice Age. There was a tremendous heat wave during the Middle Ages lasting from about 950 to 1250. Earth’s weather cycles are ever changing.

In just this past century weather extremes as on July 28, 1934 reached temps of 118 degrees in Orofino Idaho. In this Dust Bowl era by July 9, 1935 New York City endure the greatest heat wave in U.S. history during which 3000 Americans died in heat related deaths. A global cooling, (impending Ice Age), scare erupted in the 1970’s when temperatures moderated from the 1940’s to 1970. (The same leftists promoted this nonsense.)

The left has artful propagandists attempting to convince the world their version of reality is correct and the opposing viewpoint is bogus. It amazes that these prognosticators can predict weather 100 years from now, but can’t get tomorrows rain forecast right. It would seem the height of arrogance that one can fire up their SUV and artificially alter a weather pattern that has existed for thousands of years. Places in China and India the air is nearly un-breathable, but those facts are overlooked while America’s much improved pollution levels are deemed life threatening. Go figure.

Is all of this blather mere Poppycock or would Joseph Goebbels nod his approval at this well crafted propaganda campaign. I believe it is both, BS and a well promoted lie.

Randy Edwards
(Cave Creek ex-patriot)