Don Sorchych, my viewDACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) should be a curse word to American citizens. DACA is plain old amnesty and a way to guarantee Democrat control forever.  It is perhaps the most important reason Donald Trump is our President. The country tamed by PC would not do anything which angered government but voters viewed Trump as a means of protecting voters and to accomplish what 40 years of lies didn’t.

You may remember the rush of illegals on train roofs from all over Mexico, Central and South America trying to reach America for amnesty. Someone, guess who, made the world aware how weak we were in allowing amnesty upon demand. The Congress refused to approve what had become “Dreamers,” an accumulation of amnesty seekers and children born here to illegal aliens. So, as he typically did, Obama wrote an illegal executive order to give Dreamers certain rights, including driver licenses, schooling, green cards and welfare. Time and age are limited.

Trump rescinded DACA but gave it a six-month end date, which leaves Congress time to pass legislation if it so desires.

There are about a million of these hombres waiting to be legal Mexicans on our soil waving Mexican flags and other signs of where their hearts are.

If you want to see the face of illegal immigrants and Dreamers look at the accompanying picture taken about ten years ago. During 2006 and 2007 I took pictures every week for 35 weeks of illegals being illegally employed by the Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church. This photo is representative of the culture and attitude of the illegals who swamped our area, the same ones that want to exist here as our neighbors. And, by the way, they will vote Democrat while alive and some voter investigations reveal, when dead.

One day I was taking pictures of a gaggle of illegals, perhaps a dozen, near our eastern Circle K when a rock flew out of the group and broke at my feet. I immediately called 911. A Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputy was there in a few minutes, followed by an MCSO sergeant. The sergeant, after asking what happened, said, “We can’t be everywhere to protect you.” I pulled back my vest to reveal my Glock and he said, “Good luck with that,” and drove off. Other than that, illegals often screamed nasty Spanish statements at me that I understood because I grew up in Illinois where 30 percent of the population was from Mexico, thanks to the New Jersey Zinc Company which imported them in train box cars.

The leaders of “yes for DACA” are primarily Hispanic, mostly Mexican activists and dominantly Democrat. They are aware DACA robots will be Democrat card carriers for life. Of course RINOs are in their camp and therefore can’t be trusted. You can see the pattern of who they are by a simple look at the politics of Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake. They are RINOs in a conservative state and have lied about what they are in every election. I believe Dr. Kelli Ward is more like Trump, has had a career outside of politics, and, therefore, not a liar. If the Republican Party supports Ward with a strong cash base, she will win.

I understand Trump has to fight hard to get congressional support and has many irons in the fire. It is important that sanctuary cities, which are breaking the law, face intense federal court action. Furthermore, former Attorney General Eric Holder was leading California’s efforts to remain a sanctuary state in addition to the actionable issues from his time as AG. So does former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. And don’t forget Obama and Hillary.


I spent 25 years in Florida and suffered through hurricanes, bur nothing like Irma, or Harvey. Matters are worse because my daughter Dawn lives in Tallahassee and has a business there, DSH Firearms, which must be guarded from potential looting. So she, my grandson Nick and family friend Tom are staying on duty. At this moment she is out of power, water and living with downed trees. Fortunately, she has a couple of generators and many customers and friends. But now I can breath a sigh of relief since Irma has been downgraded to a tropical storm. Unfortunately, the current mayor of Tallahassee has let the city’s infrastructure fall into a tragic state of disrepair. Getting where it needs to be will be long and painful. But that is what happens to Democrat run cities. At least Governor Rick Scott, is a Republican.