Letter to Arizona U.S. Senators

Thanks for your Senate update, all important issues on a grand scale. My question to you is when will you and the rest of your colleagues in Congress address the everyday, mundane irritants in modern American life? Here is one example of a growing menace to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which I’ll identify as variations of ‘non-stop Robocalls’. This growing cancer affects not just land line telephones but also every wireless phone service in our nation. Why no help from Big Brother?

The DoNotCall registry is a ‘Does Not Work’ solution. Some service providers have begun to address consumer complaints in a half-hearted manner while most others bury their heads in the sand, only to find the FCC and Congress hiding down below. Come on, this is insanity, but it is the kind in insane problem Congress may actually be able to fix. For God’s sake, you guys have the NSA, a government agency that knows everything there is to know about sniffing out callers. Sic the beast on the rabid perpetrators of this cancer. Find the responsible parties, both those that execute the calls as well as those that order them and then put an end to the problem.

For the time and effort necessary to do so, the government should impose a $1 fine for each call ordered or executed by those involved – double dipping in this instance is warranted. Let’s take care of those running the technology which enables robocalls as well as those who simply order the process in the first place – a buck from each for every call made. Get the communication service providers to help. If they balk, as they have been, impose the $1 fine on them as well. Time is up on this murky business.

Just think, removing this raging infection from our daily lives may even help shrink the national debt!

John Traynor

not so carefree in Carefree, AZ