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Dearly Beloved–Students walk out of Denver school to protest Trump and DACA, instead of staying in school and learning something. The Denver school system is controlled by union Democrats who let everyone out of school because they agreed with the protesters.

My local daily paper, The Courier Journal has a photo of a nice looking young Hispanic woman holding a sign (not a proud heritage). She was there because of a Confederate Statue of John B. Castleman on a horse that is 121 years old. (Wow, after all these years the folks are getting mad)? All this nonsense because Queen Hillary lost and all of a sudden we see signs (not a proud heritage)? Just what in the hell does that mean? President Obama granted 800,000 undocumented immigrants deportation protection, because they were children. OK–These children will grow up and have more children and that is the key to the Democratic plan for controlling America in the future. The liberal establishment is very deep seeded, (here is a clue). A USA Today headline was 1,850 leaders to Trump, “let them dream”. (The dream act) Now we have 8 Governors, 5 State Attorney Generals, 130 Mayors, 230 State Legislators, Religious Folks, Police Chiefs and Sheriffs to please reconsider. Unfortunately they were sent here on purpose during Obama’s term to do what the Democrats had in mind. Grow up under President Hillary and vote Democrat in the future. (The voters last November had a better idea)

The USA Today has North Korea begging for war. (really) Don’t think so. China is the real key as to what North Korea does, but they like Little Porky with a funny haircut getting all the blame, that keeps most Nations off balance. (Stay tuned)

No member of Congress has ever promoted the idea of a sound National ID System. Why not and do you think it would help? (OK, so think about it)

The price of gas is now about $2.55 a gallon because of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, but hold on, Dearly Beloved–in 2008 under Obama it got to $4.11 and it wasn’t even raining.

PVT South