Statement on DACA decision from AZ State Senator Steve Smith

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“President Trump was right to end DACA as it was an unconstitutional power grab by former President Obama. It is the responsibility of Congress to set immigration law in this country and I hope they will take this moment to resolve the issue once and for all. That means resolving not just the fate of the “Dreamers”, but of our border security, the use of e-verify on a national basis, and the end of chain migration. The country is watching to see who is serious and who is just playing politics with this critical issue, much as the people of Arizona’s First Congressional District are watching to see if Congressman O’Halleran will finally admit that real border security must be a part of any serious Congressional effort.”

State Senator Steve Smith is one of Arizona’s foremost advocates for border security and stopping illegal immigration. He is a firm believer in the rule of law and giving law enforcement the tools they need to do their job as efficiently and safely as possible.